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Fuel Additives

AMSOIL Has superior cold temperature protection, Preserves Horsepower and Performance, Fights Corrosion, Improves Stability
  • Provides as much as 32ºF better protection against cold temperature gelling than Howes Lubricator Diesel treat. Plus raises cetane up to 4 points.
  • Delivers 18 percent more lubricity than Lucus* and 20 percent more than Sea Foam* for better retention of horsepower and fuel economy®
  • Provides corrosion protection Sea Foam* Motor Treatment can't match, helping maintain power and performance and keeping metal looking like new even when subjected to salt water.
  • Provides fuel stability that Sea Foam* Motor Treatment can't match, helping maintain startability and protect against the formation of varnish and gum.

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Gasoline Additives
P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive
Upper Cylinder Lubricant


Gasoline Stabilizer

DOMINATOR® Octane Boost

Octane Boost

Diesel Additives
Diesel All-In-One


Injector Clean

Injector Clean + Cetane Boost
Cetane Boost

Cold Flow